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REQUIRED: You need to have Microsoft's .NET Framework version 3.5 installed. If your computer was purchased on or after 2007 it's likely you already have it. If not, you can download and install it (for free) by clicking this link.

Change Log

Version 3.21

  1. UPDATE: Modified handling of Google Captchas.

Version 3.11

  1. UPDATE: Removed the need for temporary files when solving captchas. Fixes the "invalid path" issue that a few users were encountering.

Version 3.1

  1. BUG FIX: Manual captcha entry did not prevent Google from blocking the queries.
  2. ADDED: Support for automatic captcha solving. Add your DeathByCaptcha username and password in the Settings and captchas will be solved via DBC automatically.

Version 3.091

  1. Updated result retrieval code to account for new Google page layout on some properties (News, Scholar)

Version 3.09

  1. Added Google Tips source for mining information from articles focused on tips related to your keywords. This source works best for informational topics. If you find that it doesn't return a lot of results, try broadning your keywords a bit.

Version 3.086

  1. UPDATE: Correction to fix the Trends link locking up the program.

Version 3.085

  1. UPDATE: Google modified its results pages for Google News, Google Scholar and Google US Gov't. IAW was updated to match.

Version 3.084

  1. UPDATE: Google changed their page layout, so the algorithm for fetching results from Google was updated.

Version 3.083

  1. BUG FIX: "Item has already been added. Key in dictionary."

Version 3.082

  1. BUG FIX: Sometimes the TBS Identify Synonyms function would fail to execute properly.

Version 3.081

  1. BUG FIX: When a semi-colon was in the Article text, the synonyms would not properly identify.

Version 3.08

  1. ADDED: ArticlesBase as a research source. AB provides a huge database of articles on an enormous array of subjects, which makes for great research material.
  2. IMPROVED: Article parsing algorithm. More quality research can often be extracted from search results now.

Version 3.07

  1. ADDED: Bing is now an additional search source.

Version 3.0692

  1. BUG FIX: When the Article tab contained a semicolon, and you ran the Copyscape check, an error would occur.

Version 3.0691

  1. BUG FIX: When text contained extended ascii characters and you ran the ACC, sometimes it would lock up when trying to clean out extra spaces.

Version 3.069

  1. BUG FIX: Sometimes when clicking the Next or Previous buttons on the Article tab after Identifying Synonyms the list of synonyms would not appear and you would have to click Tab again to get back to the list. This would happen only when actually clicking on Next/Previous in the drop down list. Using the arrow keys did not cause this issue.

Version 3.068

  1. BUG FIX: Identify Synonyms would sometimes fail between projects or after adding additional research.

Version 3.067

  1. ADDED: After Identifying Synonyms in the Article tab, the last Copyscape duplicates found are highlighted again.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.066

  1. Improved Auto-Create Content's duplicate sentence removing algorithm.
  2. Improved Auto-Create Content's research gathering algorithm. You should get more research back for most keywords.

Version 3.065

  1. ADDED: "Most Research" option in the "Aim For" drop down list of the Auto-Create Content tool. Use this if you're not getting much (or anything) back using the other options.

Version 3.064

  1. ADDED: You can now select multiple items in the Topics list and have the Auto-Create Content tool pull research from all the selected topics at once.
  2. ADDED: The previously selected word count selection for Auto-Create Content is now saved from one run to the next.
  3. Improved research selection algorithm of Auto-Create Content tool.

Version 3.063

  1. Auto-Create Content tool now groups related research together, making it easier to read and requiring less reordering.

Version 3.062

  1. Improved duplicate sentence removal in Auto-Create Content tool.
  2. ADDED: You can now hold the CONTROL key when clicking on a sentence in the Article tab to select the entire sentence.

Version 3.061

  1. ADDED: "They" is now in the pronoun list of the Auto-Create Content tool, and you can also type in your own replacement word instead of using one that's already there.

Version 3.06

  1. ADDED: Auto-Create Content tool on Article tab. This new tool attempts to automatically pick the best research for the keywords/topic you provide it.

Version 3.058

  1. BUG FIX: Sometimes when working with Copyscape and/or The Best Spinner APIs the program would hang.

Version 3.056

  1. CHANGE: Now when you select "Copy to Article" on the Research tab it will copy the selected research to wherever the cursor is in the Article tab. This way you can add research to pre-existing paragraphs instead of having it always be put at the end of the Article.

Version 3.055

  1. ADDED: Word Count in the status bar of the Random Article Generator form (at the bottom of the form). Shows you how many words of research you have selected in the topics.

Version 3.054

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.053

  1. ADDED: Google Reviews source. Use this when gathering research for product reviews.
  2. BUG FIX: Send To Topic in Random Article Generator paragraph didn't always list all topics if you added new ones manually.

Version 3.052

  1. ADDED: Google News Source
  2. ADDED: Google Articles Source - very useful if your keywords are highly commercial in nature.

Version 3.051

  1. ADDED: Reorder Article Sentences tool on Article tab.

Version 3.042

  1. Added support for recognizing 250+ standard English abbreviations in order to prevent sentences being cut off at the abbreviation.

Version 3.041

  1. ADDED: Fact Finder on the Article tab.
  2. BUG FIX: Some queries caused IAW to lock-up if the document sizes were too large to fetch within the time limit.

Version 3.033

  1. ADDED: Query Builder now pulls initial keywords from main form.
  2. CHANGE: Modified page fetching timeout to a sliding scale based on the Page Fetching Speed setting.
  3. Some minor bug fixes.

Version 3.032

  1. ADDED: Suggest and Trends links to the Query Builder.

Version 3.031

  1. BUG FIX: Query Builder results overrode previously retrieved results even if the Add To Current Project checkbox was checked.

Version 3.03

  1. ADDED: Query Builder
  2. A number of minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0238

  1. A number of minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0237

  1. ADDED: Handling of captcha entry if you send too many queries too fast to Google.
  2. BUG FIX: If you clicked the up/down arrows for a topic in the Random Article Generator before selecting a sentence it would throw an error.

Version 3.0236

  1. ADDED: Another country modifier to the Google queries. This should help people who weren't getting many results.
  2. ADDED: Toolbar on Research tab with Copy to Clipboard, Save As and Find tools.

Version 3.0235

  1. BUG FIX: Couldn't lock first sentence in Random Article Generator.

Version 3.0234

  1. ADDED: Up/Down arrows on the Random Article Generator to move selected topic up/down in its position relative to the other topics.
  2. ADDED: You can now add subtopics into the Random Article Generator directly using the textbox/Add Topic button at the bottom of the form.
  3. ADDED: You can now hold the CTRL key and click on a sentence in the Random Article Generator and have it select/deselect the sentence. You can also hold the ALT key and click in the topic text to have it select all sentences in the topic.
  4. ADDED: When you click the Suggest link, the keywords you have in the textbox now get transfered into the suggestion form.
  5. ADDED: After a version update the Versions tab is automatically shown so you can see what's changed.
  6. BUG FIX: If a quoted topic appeared in the topics list it wouldn't show the related research.
  7. BUG FIX: The selected country wasn't always saved when it was changed.
  8. BUG FIX: If you added custom topics and then performed another query that did not contain the custom topic, your custom topic disappeared.

Version 3.0233

  1. BUG FIX: When using the Keyword Suggestion tool, line feed characters were added at the end of the keywords.
  2. BUG FIX: For some older versions of the .NET Framework the update routine was throwing an error converting the version number to a Double.

Version 3.0232

  1. BUG FIX: if the user failed to actually select a language and a country it would throw an error when attempting to set the country code.

Version 3.0231

  1. ADDED: Drop-down list of countries in the Language toolbar icon. Now, in addition to selecting your language preference, you can also specify which country you want the Google results to come from.

Version 3.0230

  1. UPDATE: When you change the number of sentences in the Random Article Generator, the sentences you've selected now stay in place.
  2. ADDED: Context (right-click) menu in the topic text boxes of the Random Article Generator.
    1. You can now select/unselect sentences for saving from the context menu.
    2. You can also select "Keep All Sentences" from the context menu to select all sentences in the topic for use in your article.
    3. You can also "Send to Topic" to send a sentence from one topic into another one and automatically select it for inclusion in your article.

Version 3.0229

  1. BUG FIX: When the keywords were entered in Capitalized (e.g. "Colon Cancer" instead of "colon cancer") the subtopics would not parse out properly and only one or two would be shown.

Version 3.0228

  1. BUG FIX: Fixed a bug that caused the program to hang while fetching results for some keywords. The app would hang when it ran into a badly formatted HTML page that caused the function that strips html from the page to go into an endless loop.

Version 3.0226

  1. BUG FIX: Bug in GetTopics caused error when there were no results for the given keywords.
  2. Improved debug posting data for additional research into people who are getting zero Google results.

Version 3.0225

  1. BUG FIX: When working through replacing words in the Article tab using the drop-down synonym list, if a word was not in the thesaurus it would throw an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.

Version 3.0224

  1. UPDATE: IAW now checks to see if your keywords contains quotes and adjusts its internal query to Google accordingly.
  2. Another modification to prevent Google returning no results for broad keywords.

Version 3.0222

  1. ADDED: Debug data trapping for zero Google results.

Version 3.0221

  1. UPDATE: Potential fix for users not getting any Google results regardless of keywords.

Version 3.022

  1. ADDED: After performing a Copyscape check, any duplicate words/phrases/sentences found by Copyscape are now highlighted in the Article text.

Version 3.021

  1. ADDED: The ability to select which sentences you want to keep in the Random Article Generator, as well as preventing duplication of research between topic paragraphs and within the paragraphs.

Version 3.02

  1. ADDED: Google DOCs, Google PDFs, Google Scholar, Google US Gov't searches.

Version 3.011

  1. UPDATE: Added ability to Duplicate topics and Delete topics in the Random Article Generator. Also added a checkbox that allows you to duplicate the initial paragraph at the end of the article to create a concluding paragraph based on the same topic.

Version 3.01

  1. ADDED: Random Article Generator

Version 3.0

  1. Initial beta test version.


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